100mil, 100km, 50mil
100mil, 100km, 50mil

We took a little trip today. It was cool (pun intended) and as a result we reached two conclusions:
1) CP 1 limit is now 18:30 as there is a bit of snow on the way
2) as of today u will not go to Babia Góra, instead you will go to Markowe from CP1. Unless there is a drastic improvent that is.

Otherwise all is the same. The pics illustrate the furthest point we reached and an attempt to plough some snow off CP1 ;)


Considering the drastic and so unexpected change in weather conditions we have updated obligatory equipment list in the rules section. It is non-negotiable. On the site you wlll also find updated GPX track of the route. Please, download and save on your device.






KROWIARKI - water, izo
GLINNE – water, izo, fruits, dried fruits
PRZEŁĘCZ GLINKA – water, izo , fruits, dried fruits, cookies, ser, chips, cola
PRZEGIBEK – water, izo, coffee, tea, fruits, dried fruits, cookies


broth, water , izo, coffee, tea, boiled potatoes, cookies, energy batons

PRZYSŁOP - broth, woda izo, coffee, tea, dried fruits, cookies, fruits
OSTRE - water, izo , cola, dried fruits, cookies, fruits, chips
BYSTRA – cola, coffee, izo, water, cookies, fruits, dried fruits











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